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Singaporean Media Channel 8 Covered ACE Lab

A Singaporean Television Media Channel 8 visited ACE Lab to cover on the excellent technology of our lab on the 8th. Personnel from the media poured the lab with questions on self-driving technology based on 5G. Professor Myoungho Sunwoo explained that 5G allows utilizing Vehicle to Vehicle Communication(V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication(V2I) and that the information is sent to each algorithm that solidifies the technology.

The press also interviewed on H/W technologies. Channel 8 asked about the alignment of Field of View (FOV), sensor and the computing units of the self-driving vehicle, A1. The professor answered, “the dispersed layout of A1 is praised by research institutes throughout the world” and further explained the systemic advantage of the A1’s structure.

Channel 8 applauded on ACE Lab’s technology saying that they “didn’t know the Korean technology in self-driving vehicles were so advanced” and celebrated the endless innovation and challenge by the ACE Lab researchers.

Professor Myoungho Sunwoo explaining the technology in A1

Channel 8 reporters experiencing the self-driving technology of A1

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