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Final Evaluation for the KOR-FR Global R&D Project: the DANGUN

The final evaluation for the Korean-French joint research project ‘DANGUN’ took place on the Renault Digital Building, Paris. The project aimed to develop Traffic Jam Assist (TJA) for electric cars using the standard sensor, participated by Renault, LG Electronics, Valeo, Renault-Samsung Motors (RSM), ENSTA, ControlWorks and Korea Automotive Technology Institute (KATECH), and coordinated by ACE Lab.

Based on ACE Lab’s up to date technology, we showed the technical effectiveness by acquiring technology from bottom to the top enabling auto driving in stagnated traffic situation without the driver’s manual speeding or steering with the standard sensor. Moreover, we proposed a mutually complementing business model and proved the economic and social value of the technology by ensuring early adoption of the legal system on the self-driving vehicles.

Mr. Phillipe, who was the leader of the final evaluation complemented by saying “the presentation covered the three years of the process very well and it seems like we have a successful result”.

Professor Myoungho Sunwoo presenting the final result

Researchers rehearsing for the final showcase

Panels giving their comments on the final presentation

The chair presenting the general comment for the final presentation

Participating institutes and the panels after the final presentation

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