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ACE Lab participated in Electric Vehicle Symposium 32

Electronic Vehicle Symposium 32 was held in Lyon, France on May 20th to 22nd. This annual event is one of the biggest electric vehicle events in the world, where electric car making companies from around the world participate. Articles on electric and hydrogen cars were presented as well as conventions on the same topics. Many automotive companies and European electronic car charging firms participated in the symposium, making it more interesting. Doctor Kyunghan Min and Researchers Seongjin Lee, Haksu Kim and Gyubin Sim participated in the event. Doctor Kyunghan Min presented his research on ‘Smart regenerative control based on a reinforcement learning algorithm to reflect individual driver characteristics’ and Researcher Gyubin Sim presented on ‘Deceleration planning algorithm for smart regenerative braking reflecting driver characteristics through online learning algorithm’ on May 21st.

Dr. Kyunghan Min giving his presentation

Researcher Gyubin Sim presenting on his research

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