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ACE Lab, Korea-France Global R&D Project DANGUN Project Assignment Discussion

  On May 17th, in Hanyang University, the meeting for Korea-France Global R&D Project ‘DANGUN Project’ future research direction was held. For this discussion, Professor Myuong-Ho Sunwoo, Researcher Chulhoon Jang, Researcher Wonteak Lim as well as researchers from Renault Samsung Automobile and France’s research facility Renault ENSTA participated. It is notable that ENSTA flew all the way from France to participate.    Based around Professor Myoung-Ho Sunwoo and Hanyang University, the goal and direction of Korea-France Global R&D Project ‘DANGUN Project’ was discussed. The meeting came to a close with a demonstration of the Renault ZOE automobile. Due to this meeting, there are further hopes that the researches went a step further in the right direction.

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