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2019 ACE Lab Internship Program Review – Lee Daon and Choi Hohyun

ACE Lab Summer Internship Review

Lee Daon, Hanyang University Mechanical Engineering

Through a class I took in my 7th semester, I started to grow interest in the control field, and wanted to apply my knowledge in automobiles. That’s why I applied to ACE Lab’s summer internship program.

We had to run an individual project with our mentor, unlike last year. My project was on ‘Design of a Coupled Controller in Longitudinal and Lateral direction for an Autonomous Vehicle’. First, I started learning basic background knowledge in automotive dynamics, Model Predictive Control and ROS. I started analyzing controlling codes after the studies and was able to complete an algorithm that takes both longitudinal and lateral direction into account and controls both. The final result was created after multiple tests through the simulator to find the adequate parameter.

The internship program taught me ‘logic’. I had to deliver my progress through the mid-term and final presentations. In the presentations, I had to logically persuade the audience the necessity of longitudinal and lateral control, which required me to also explain why we need an adequate control system, the steps of automotive control system and the problems of the precedent studies. Setting a specific goal and analyzing results according to the goal required a lot of work in building a sound logic. That was the part I spent most of the time, thinking that I should be able to persuade people without prior knowledge.

Moreover, I was able to have a valuable experience. One of the biggest questions I had as an undergraduate student was how the things we learn are applied in field and how they are developed. I was able to develop a profound understanding in the auto-driving field and experience multiple tools and platforms such as C++, Linux and Ros. Especially, the field trip to the Samsung Electronics’ Automotive Part team was memorable.

Lastly, I met wonderful people. Although the internship was as short as two months, I could feel the good vibes of the ACE Lab. I got through the time thanks to professor Myoungho Sunwoo, who remembered each and every intern researchers and the fellow researchers and my mentor who answered all my tedious questions and even my personal problems. Thank you again to all ACE Lab members for the valuable experience.

Professor Myoungho Sunwoo and the intern researchers after the final presentation

ACE Lab Summer Internship Review

Choi Hohyun, Hanyang University Automotive Engineering

I dreamed of going to ACE Lab during my undergraduate years without any specific knowledge about the lab itself. I participated in the internship program to gain some more detailed information of AEE Lab. I could experience my graduate school life in advance through the internship program, as well as learning a lot through my project.

Unlike last year’s program, this year the interns had to directly start with their projects for six weeks, without prior group studies. The first project was “Implementation of fuzzy Markov chain-based velocity prediction algorithm on TC237”, and the second “Reducing execution time of MATLAB code by parallel computing”. We had a mid-term presentation on July 24th and the final presentation on August 14th. The difference with my previous undergraduate study was that I had to look for the things that I need to study and find the path, not having someone to deliver information I need to know.

I was able to complete the first project on implementing algorithm on Infineon TC237 based on the microprocessor and embedded system course I took in my junior and senior year, as well as my experience in the Model Car Competition. I shortened the calculation process of the prediction algorithm to use in the embedded processor and contemplated on the methods to use micro SD on TC237. The second project was to shorten the MATLAB code operation time using row arranged functions in different CUP and GPU. It was challenging as I had no prior knowledge but was able to finish the project delightfully by studying little by little.

Working 9 to 6 was a bit challenging at first, but I was able to learn and improve a lot during my internship program. I felt the importance of presentations to deliver the contents I studied, and also experienced the life in ACE Lab. I would like to thank my mentor researcher Shin Jaewook, fellow researchers and professor Myoungho Sunwoo for such and opportunity.

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