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Visiting Hyundai Mobis Driving Test Center and 2019 Winter MT of ACE Lab

To be distracted from the air quality and intense research, Professor Myoung-ho Sunwoo and the researchers of ACE Lab visited Hyundai Mobis Driving Center and traveled to Taean, Chungchungnam-do. Visiting the center was an opportunity for the researchers to experience world-class car part examine process of Hyundai Mobis through viewing diverse research environment and high standard driving center.

The Membership Training (MT) was a time for the laboratory members to build team-work through sports activities such as Fultsal and table tennis. The training took place in Hanyang Women’s University Youth Training Center in Taean, Chungchungnam-do. After the sports activity, researchers had Taean’s specialty; soy sauce marinated crab and crab-kimchi meal to gain strength for further research. During the recreational time, researchers had fun playing O-mok which was prepared by the freshmen researchers and researcher Baek Seung-un.

Seosan Mobis Driving Test Center

Hanyang Women’s University Training Center

Sports Activity


Recreational Time

Manlipo Beach

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