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Visit of ACE Lab by the high school students in the Cheorwon area

On August 2, ACE Lab held a tour for high school students in the Cheorwon area sponsored by Cheorwon Plasma Industry Technology Institute. Researcher Kim Chan-soo introduced the Department of Automotive Engineering and ACE Lab at the seminar room, to the 26 students (8 from Shin Chul Woong High School, 14 from Kim Hwa High School, 4 from Kim Hwa Engineering School), and 9 mentors. (3 teachers, 1 educational support team, 2 Cheolwon, and 3 Plasma researchers.) The students who were introduced to the high technological level of Hanyang University Future Vehicle Engineering and the outstanding research achievements of ACE Lab did not hesitate to applaud and cheer.

  After that, a chance was given to experience the A1 3rd generation car and also the Hyundai motordonated vehicles at the car showroom on the 1st floor of Chung Mong-Koo Automotive Research Center. This visit provided students with the opportunity to dream of the future to become future talents in the next generation that will lead the future.

<Introduction to Future Automotive Engineering and ACE Lab>

<Introduction of autonomous driving car A1 3rd generation>

<Group shooting in front of the car exhibition hall>

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