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Professor Myuong-Ho Sunwoo - 2018 HYUNDAI Motors Research Fellow Technical Forum, Keynote Speech on

The '2018 Hyundai Motor Research Technical Forum' (Transmission / Transmission Performance Field), organized by Hyundai Motor Company and Hyundai Engineering Company, was held on July 19th at the auditorium underground at the Uiwang R & D Center, Hyundai Motor Company. The event, which was attended by about 200 people from industry, academia, and industry, was attended by Park Jong-Sul, a research fellow of Hyundai Motor Transmission Research Lab, Jeon Byeong-Wook of Shift Performance Research Lab, Professor Kim Hyunsoo of Sungkyunkwan University, and Mr. Shahjada Ahmed Pahlocy from the Dynax Company participated as speaker.

  In this event, Professor Myuong-Ho Sunwoo of ACE Lab gave a lecture on "The Future of Automobile Industry - The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future Car", contributing to the exchange of the direction of transmission / transmission performance in the 4th Industrial Revolution era.

  In addition, Shin Jae-Wook and Kim Sun-Vin of ACE Lab also participated in this forum to confirm the latest research trends.

Panel Discussion

Professor Myuong-Ho Sunwoo and ACE Lab researchers

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