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Professor Myoungho Sunwoo educates UAE High Schoolers

From 29th March, Hanyang University carried out a short-term educational program for two weeks to cultivate talent among students of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

40 high school students from the UAE were invited to the ACE Lab. Professor Myoungho Sunwoo, being the top expert in the autonomous vehicle and automotive engineering fields, lectured for the students on 30th March. Having chosen the subject “STEM Education for the 4th Industrial Revolution”, Professor Sunwoo explained the future of autonomous vehicle technology in light of the 4th industrial revolution, as well as its subsequent impact on our lives. The Professor took time to answer all of the UAE students’ passion-filled questions at the end.

Following Professor Myoungho Sunwoo’s lecture, a tour through the ACE Lab was conducted for about an hour. Researchers Minchul Lee and Jinsoo Yang briefly introduced the Lab and its work, after which they acted as the tour guide. Through the tour, the UAE students were able to see the Lab’s various research-purpose vehicles, such as the autonomous vehicle A1, for themselves. They also took a glimpse of the hardworking researchers in the Lab. This particular educational program inspired even the ACE Lab researchers to push to strive for more progress in their research fields.

UAE students and Professor Myoungho Sunwoo

Professor Myoungho Sunwoo, lecturing

UAE students during Lab tour (1)

UAE students during Lab tour (2)

UAE students and ACE Lab researchers after the culmination of the Lab tour

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