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Hyundai Kia Motors, Donated Research Vehicle K9, IONIQ, KONA EV

On the 19th, Hyundai Kia Motors donated K9, IONIQ HEV and KONA EV vehicles for cooperation research with ACE Lab.Through the donation of this research vehicle, the generous support of Hyundai Motor Group to promote the research activities of ACE Lab and Future Vehicle Engineering was felt, and it was also a meaningful way to show that Hyundai Motor Group will be a strong supporter in the future.

  The donated research vehicle will be used for electric vehicle regeneration control strategy and road information based on powertrain control strategy that reflects driver characteristics, the advanced control strategy will contribute to the improvement of the energy efficiency of the vehicle.

Research vehicles and the ACE Lab family (1)

Research vehicles and the ACE Lab family (2)

The donated research vehicle KONA EV

The donated research vehicle K9

Getting off the donated vehicle

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