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Hanyang University and Seoul City to Have Usage Agreement of 5G based ITS Testbed

Nineteen prestigious research institutes including Hanyang University ACE Lab had a convention ceremony on usage agreement of 5G based ITS testbed in Sangam, in the main conference room of the Seoul City Hall on September 18th. The ceremony included brief explanation on the testbed and a hearing for each institute. The city official asked for academic support in future research, not a single time testbed provision. The city also promised full support in all institutes’ research on autonomous driving. The biggest national pact including companies developing V2X connected car, core devices for 5G, and automobile security will be created thanks to the usage agreement of the testbed.

Seoul city official and representatives of the research institutes including ACE Lab, after signing the agreement

Research institute representatives and the Seoul city official

The Seoul city official explaining on the 5G based ITS testbed

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