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Gyu-hwan Yeon,You-hyuk Jo,Seok-won Kim and Kyung-Pyo Kim of ACE Lab Presented Master’s Degree Thesis

On December 17th and 18th, Yeon Gyu-hwan, Jo You-hyuk, Kim Seok-won of ACE Lab presented their research of two years and the material was reviewed.

Researcher Yeon Gyu-hwan and Jo You-hyuk in the eco-friendly automobile field presented on ‘'Ego-vehicle speed prediction using long short-term memeory based recurrent neural networks’ and ‘Deep learning based real-time LP-EGR estimation using in-cylinder pressure in a turbocharged gasoline direct-injection engine’, respectively. In the intelligent automobile field, Kim Seok won presented on 'Probabilistic smoothing-based reliable lane geometry generation with uncertainty of a lane detector' and Kim Kyung-pyo presented on 'Dynamic object classification using LIDAR point cloud augmented by layer-based accumulation’. All four researchers assured that they would research further for the development of Korean automotive industry.

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