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French Ministry of Economics and Finance Delegation Visits ACE Lab

On February 19th, the Deputy Chief of the French Ministry of Economics and Finance Xavier Merlin, Korean Cooperation Manager Florent Bertrand, and the CEO of Valeo Korea Kim Sung-ho visited ACE Lab. The visit was to share the status of the DANGUN Project started in 2015 as a Korean-French International Cooperation Technology Project. The visitors also took a look at the self-driving electronic car, Zoe.

The DANGUN Project is to develop self-driving technology largely associated with electronic automobiles. The project focuses especially on automatically controlling distance between the vehicles under the speed of 50km/h and preventing the vehicle to go off-track, utilizing only the basic sensor systems such as camera and radar.

Professor Myoung-ho Sunwoo explaining about the self-driving electronic car ‘Zoe’

Professor Myoung-ho Sunwoo presenting on the DANGUN project

Professor Myoung-ho Sunwoo, Deputy Chief Xavier Merlin, and Valeo Korea CEO Kim Sung-ho is talking about the DANGUN project

Professor Myoung-ho Sunwoo and the visitors standing in front of the self-driving electronic car ‘Zoe’

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