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Final Project Presentation of the Embedded Class

The final presentation on embedded system which the fourth-grade Automotive engineering students learned during this semester took place in front of professor Sunwoo

Myoungho, the academic counselor of ACE Lab, and its researchers on June 18 th in Hanyang University’s Automotive Research Center. It was an opportunity for the students to be a step closer of becoming the future leaders of the automobile industry. The team

presentations covered various topics that were based on the class materials, from smart

parking lot, automobile product management system, and automotive robot arms. The

presenters explained and demonstrated their system. The audiences could see how hard

the students worked so far despite the online classes due to the COVID19 situation. The

students also surprised professor Sunwoo Myoungho with flower to thank for his useful class.

This will be the last year of Professor Sunwoo Myoungho after twenty seven years with Hanyang University. Starting teaching in Hanyang since 1993, the professor worked together to establish the foundation of Automotive Engineering department on 2011, and contributed hugely in making the department a renowned convergence education curriculum in the world. The students who participated in his very last class gave a bouquet of flowers to the professor, as a show of gratitude for his effort for the past twenty seven years.

Below is the letter sent to the students from the professor.

Dear my friends, at the end of the semester.

Last Thursday was my last day with you as a professor after my first day in Hanyang University in 1993.

I will cherish the 27 years in HYU, and especially with the Automotive Engineering students. That will stay with me as a special memory.

Looking back, my time in Hanyang was very much exciting and happy.

I did not plan to come back to Korea ever when leaving in 1980 to the United States. But Hanyang University starting a new major, Automobile Engineering, led me back.

After that, even if the division was merged with Mechanical Engineering, I stayed as a professor of Automobile Engineering and kept the graduate program in the school.

After all those years of my hard work, the division was once again independent with the name Automotive Engineering in 2011. We were also proudly selected as part of the Diamond 7 program of the University.

The Automotive Engineering program was introduced as the world’s first convergence education based on mechanical engineering, my knowledge in electric engineering, real-life knowledge from my experience with Phillips, and research career in GM. I find it a great joy for our program to be acknowledged not only in Korea but in the world.

It is already time to say goodbye to my beloved Automotive Engineering students.

Although I would not be spending as much time on campus, you will always be my students. If you want to talk about anything, need any advice, contact me through e-mail, text, or call. Any time.

Lastly, good work on this semester despite the confusion caused by the Coronavirus.

Stay healthy during the summer and may all the good luck be with you in the future.

From Sunwoo Myoungho

Final presentation of the embedded system project

The ‘Do as I do’ doll

Smart parking lot

Smart Costco (an automatic product management program)

3D-tracker Separated Shooting-down System

An automatic robot arm

RC Drawing Glove

‘In-room Viking’

Professor Sunwoo Myoungho commenting on the project demonstration

Students giving flower to professor Sunwoo Myoungho

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