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Final Presentation for 2018 ACE Lab Internship

A Final Presentation took place at August 23rd, putting an end to the 2018 Summer Internship Program. The interns presented their hard work during the summer in front of Professor Myoung-ho Sunwoo, the academic advisor and senior researchers. Professor Sunwoo and the seniors encouraged and advised the interns for their work. The presentation was focused on the interns’ projects on Embedded Control System, based on the past group studies and academic presentations. All intern researchers tried their best to show the end result that was created through the past studies, and they were able to advance their professional knowledge on the field.

The ACE Lab internship program enables mechanical and computer engineering undergraduate students in their fourth year to improve basic skills and knowledge on the engineering of the Embedded Control System. The program is another chance and a challenge for students busy with their studies, job hunting and more competitions in life.

Student essays on the internship program is available in the next article.

<Presentation of Kim Gang-yong (Intern Researcher)>

<Presentation of Park Jae-hyun (Intern Researcher) and Ahn Sung-ju (Intern Researcher)>

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