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Field Investigation on the Korea-France International Cooperation Technological Project DANGUN

A field Investigation took place on November 8th for ‘보급형 센서를 이용한 EV 기반 혼잡상황 주행지원시스템 기술 개발(DANGUN)’. The project is hosted by Hanyang University with many companies in and out of Korea participating. Renault Samsung Motors, LG Electronics, Korea Automotive Technology Institute, ControlWorks, Renault, Valeo and ENSTA participated in the DANGUN project.

The field investigation was specifically on the development of congested-area-driving system for electronic cars on French and Korean roads. It was a meaningful time to review the research progress and the international cooperation between the two countries on building automotive driving infrastructure.

Field investigation
Field investigation

Professor Sunwoo making a presentation

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