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Briefing held for 2019 Smart Model Car Contest

On Saturday 23rd March, the 2019 Smart Model Car Contest briefing was held at the HIT building at Hanyang University. Around 400 students of 120 teams from about 40 universities participated in this year’s session, which opened its doors with the ACE Lab Professor Myoung-ho Sunwoo’s speech. Further explanations on the upcoming Competition, along with detailed schedules, were announced.

The ACE Lab, being the prime organiser of the Competition, seeks to pave solid groundwork for the cultivation of talent, especially by incorporating the automotive industry’s core technology- the Embedded Control System. The Lab has continuously been hosting competitions since 2003, aimed at university students and graduates across the country.

This particular session grabbed the attention of participating students by introducing various types of advanced technology concerning vehicles of the future, as well as informing them about the present condition of the Embedded Control System.

Participating teams were distributed equipment such as TC275, motor drivers and model cars. This was followed by a seminar on the Competition’s sponsor, Infineon, and its development board TC275. Development tools using model-based design were also introduced by MathWorks Korea. Professor Wootaek Lee of Changwon University further educated the participants on the utilization of TC275.

This year’s Smart Model Car Contest is to be held on 11th July at Hanyang University’s Olympic gymnasium.

Students listening to the Smart Model Car Contest seminar

Professor Myoung-ho Sunwoo, introducing the 2019 Competition

Introduction to Infineon on the development board TC275

Introduction to MathWorks as development tool

Professor Wootaek Lee of Changwon University, briefing the basics to participating teams

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