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Autonomous vehicle A1 6thGeneration (GV80) Completed

The sixth generation of A1 using Gv80 was completed. The fifth generation of the

autonomous vehicle A1 is known as the world’s first vehicle to successfully drive without

human intervention via 5G technology on March 2019. The new A1 is composed of LiDAR

sensor to sense objects from all four directions and various computing units to run artificial

intelligence based autonomous driving algorithm. A notable point is that the engineering

team optimized both hardware and software structure for the artificial intelligence-based

algorithms to run smoothly inside the vehicle, which requires large operation capacity. Also,

the vehicle is installed with communication device to receive infrastructural information

provided by the Seoul city, which enables it to navigate with the most up-to-date road

information. The 6 th generation A1 vehicle will be certified with temporary autonomous

driving license in the coming month from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport,

which only three vehicles have received in the nation, and will be used in the testbed

demonstration organized by the Seoul metropolitan government.

The testbed demonstration is to show self-parking service for users, cooperated with

ControlWorks, ACE Lab and LG U+. ACE Lab is in charge of building the vehicle and the self-driving algorithm.

The new sixth generation A1

Engineers building the vehicle (1)

Engineers building the vehicle (2)

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