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ACE Lab Visits Hyundai Motors and MOBIS China

From December 1 to 4, the fifth-term Hyundai Motor scholarship visited Beijing, China, to visit Hyundai Motor and Hyundai MOBIS' Chinese subsidiaries.

Shim Gyubin, a researcher at ACE Lab, also participated. Beijing Hyundai Motor Co., the Chinese arm of Hyundai Motors is a joint venture between South Korea's Hyundai Motors and China's Beijing Group with a 50-50 capital ratio, with research institutes and factories in Beijing. Although the sales rate of Beijing Hyundai is not good due to the recent external situation in Korea, the participants could observe various efforts to increase sales by launching Chinese market-targeted vehicles such as ix25 and LAFESTA. Beijing Hyundai MOBIS is also a joint venture with the Beijing Group, with the two companies' factories connected and built for an organic cooperation with Beijing Hyundai. After hearing a brief introduction about the company at Beijing Hyundai MOBIS, the participants saw several car modules being produced at the factory. It was an opportunity to witness Hyundai Motor and Hyundai MOBIS’ effort to produce good results in the Chinese market, and it was also a meaningful time for the researchers to experience the Chinese culture.

Scholarship students being introduced to Beijing Hyundai MOBIS

Scholarship students being introduced to Beijing Hyundai

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