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ACE Lab visits China's leading companies

From July 26 to 28, ACE Lab Professor Myuong-Ho Sunwoo, Professor Lim Won-Taek, Researcher Lee Sung-Jin, Researcher Cho Sung-Jin and Researcher Cho Yoo-Hyuk visited RoboSense, HUAWEI and BYD inChina, which is called China's Silicon Valley. RoboSense is a supplier of Lidar, an essential sensor for autonomous vehicles. The 32-channel laser has a high level of technology that can achieve performance similar to that of the existing 64-channel Lidar. It combines mechanical Lidar as well as ultra-small electronic technology. It also has MEMS Lidar technology, which gives researchers a lot of useful information.

 At HUAWEI, we had a chance to get a glimpse of the 5G-based technologies of the world's top ITcompanies. HUAWEI's telecommunication equipment, is an IoT solution that connects all things in various fields such as traffic, safety, electric power supply, manufacturing industry, it has a valuable opportunity to experience smart city ahead. In particular, there was time to learn more about the core values ​​that HUAWEI believes to be important, and it was a meaningful time for researchers to feel substantially about the operation of the company.

 BYD is a representative electric vehicle company in Shenzhen, supplying a total of 400,000 units ofpassenger cars, taxis, buses and government-owned cars annually. Especially, it has a lot of inspiration for the researchers because it has various business technologies ranging from the battery field to the electric car which is steadily increasing the world market share.

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<Professor Myuong-Ho Sunwoo and ACE Lab at RoboSense>

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<Researchers who are listening to HUAWEI's core values>

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<BYD Professor Myuong-Ho Sunwoo, ACELab Researchers, ControlWorks Researchers>

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