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ACE Lab Visited Valeo Research Center, France

Professor Myoungho Sunwoo and fellow researchers visited Valeo Research Center in Bobigny, France on July 2nd. The visit was part of an industry-academia project between ACE Lab and Valeo since 2016, and the two parties met to share the project progress and discuss further research path. The seminar started with a briefing by an ACE Lab Alumni Professor Kichun Jo who worked as a researcher in Valeo and now a professor at Konkuk University. Then, researchers Sungjin Cho and Seongjin Lee lead a seminar with the topic of ‘Technical Seminar for Dynamic Map’ and ‘Probabilistic Collision Risk Evaluation based on the Interaction-Aware Motion Prediction”, respectively. The seminars were followed by a discussion between ACE Lab and Valeo on the future research pathway. Especially, Valeo showed will to present joint-research results at the world biggest home electronics convention CES, as did last year. The researchers freely shared opinions on the project while discussing the future research of both institutes in the self-driving field.

Researchers sharing the research progress

Professor Kichun Jo sharing the research progress and the future direction

Researcher Sungjin Cho leading the technical seminar

Researcher Seongjin Lee leading the technical seminar

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