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    On April 5th-6th, (US local time) Professor Myoung-Ho Sunwoo and ACE Lab’s, Dr. Chulhoon Jang, researchers Wonteak Lim, Minchul Lee visited both Michigan state’s Harmancorporation along with the world leading MAGNA company and had a venue to discuss their researches.     On this day, Dr. Chulhoon Jang presented on “Deep Learning-based Parking Space Detection with Vertical Grid”, Researcher Wonteak Lim on “Hierarchical Trajectory Planning based on the Integration of Sampling and Optimization Methods”, and Researcher Minchul Lee presented on “Probabilistic Risk Assessment for Occluded Vehicles.” The seminar allowed the automobile company leaders and researchers to exchange excellent researches carried out by ACE lab.

In front of the front gate of MAGNA International

In front of the front gate of Harman Company

Professor Myuong-Ho Sunwoo and researchers in the process of technology exchange

Professor Myuong-Ho Sunwoo listening to an explanation from Harman engineer

In front of Harman's test vehicle with the researchers

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