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ACE Lab’s Freshmen Project Presentations of 2019

On 1st April, researchers Sungju Ahn, Eunsan Jo and Jaehyun Park made their final presentations on their freshman projects at the ACE Training Center.

Researcher Ahn’s subject was “Design of EV motor torque controller for smart regenerative braking system”, whereas researchers Jo and Park’s joint research theme was “Semantic segmentation of point cloud map using simulator and deep learning”.

The three freshmen have been studying and researching independently for the first three months after matriculation. By sharing and debating about their project results with superior researchers, they could gain huge insight on their future research direction and methods.

Researcher Sungju Ahn’s project theme

Researcher Seongju Ahn, making the final presentation

Researchers Eunsan Jo and Jaehyun Park’s project theme

Final presentations of researchers Eunsan Jo (left) and Jaehyun Park (right)

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