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ACE Lab’s 2019 Summer Membership Training

After the successful operation of the 2019 Smart Model Car Contest, all researchers of ACE Lab went for the 2019 summer membership training to retreat to Kwanghwa-do.

After arriving at Kwanghwa-do, the researchers went to the futsal field. The members were divided into team Kyunghan and team Donghyuk and played futsal betting for drinks. The game heated up as the researchers have excellent skills and teamwork and ended with team Kyung-han winning the game. Then the members headed to a famous crab restaurant to enjoy crab stew and steamed crab. After the dinner, researcher Seungeon Baek, who is always good at entertaining his fellow researcher, hosted a recreational event that made everyone have fun and laugh.

The membership training was a good opportunity for the researchers to take a break from the 2019 Smart Model Car Contest, recharge and work hard on further research work.

ACE Lab researchers after the futsal game

ACE Lab researcher having a dinner

ACE Lab researchers in front of the accommodation

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