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ACE Lab Presents at 2019 Autumn KSAE

The KSAE 2019 Annual Autumn Conference was held in Gyeongju Hwabaek International Convention Center from November 20th to 23rd. The conference is held annually by the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers (KSAE) which attracts renowned persons and talents in the field. The research paper throughout the automotive engineering field including the industry and academia were presented at the conference and exhibition. Also, there were various programs including a special lecture by Park Dong-il, the Vice president of Hyundai Motors.

Researchers Lee Seongjin, Shin Hyunki, Yang Jinsoo, Kim Sunbin, Baek Seungeon and Park Jaehyun from ACE Lab attended the event to see and learn about trends in the automotive engineering research in Korea. In particular, Shin Hyunki, Yang Jinsoo, Kim Sunbin, Baek Seungeon, and Cho Eunsan, respectively, were able to bear the fruits of their year-long research through the presentation of their respective papers. Researcher Shin hyunki presented on the topic of “In-cylinder Pressure Based 48V MHSG Control for Minimizing Engine Torque Development in Cylinder Deactivation Engine” during a powertrain session, and researcher Yang Jinsoo “Human-like Decision Making for Overtaking based on Situation-Aware Features in Urban Autonomous Diving”, Kim Sunbin on “Vehicle Speed Prediction for Unplanned Routes using Classified Prediction Models”. Lastly, researcher Baek Seungeon presented on "Personalized Speed Planning System using a Statistical Driver Model in Car Folding Suitations," and researcher Cho Eunsan, "Intention Recognition of Surrounding Vihines in Learning." Researchers at ACE Lab published an excellent paper at the 2019 Autumn KSAE, making it a meaningful place to show the excellent technical skills of Hanyang University's ACE Lab.

ACE Lab researchers at the 2019 Autumn KSAE

Researcher Shin Hyunki of ACE Lab during his presentation on 48V MHSG

Researcher Yang Jinsu of ACE Lab presenting on Decision making of Overtaking

Researcher Kim Sunbun of ACE Lab presenting on Vehicle Speed Prediction Model

Researcher Baek Seungun presenting on a Personalized Speed Planning System in Car-following Situations

Researcher Jo Eunsan during his presentation on Intention Recognition of Surrounding Vehicles in Lane Merging Scenarios

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