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ACE Lab presented at 2019 KSAE

KSAE 2019 Annual Spring Conference was hosted at Jeju Ramada Hotel, on May 9th to 11th. The conference, hosted annually by the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers (KSAE) gathers celebrated scholars and talents in the related field. This year’s conference and fair is the biggest scholarly event in Korea where 602 papers jointly researched by the school, research centers, and the industry. Moreover, there are special lectures, workshops, exclusive fair on automotive technologies and more programs.

Researchers Sumyeong Lee, Chansoo Kim, Sungju Ahn, Jaehyun Park and Eunsan Cho from ACE Lab participated this year’s conference. Researcher Sumyeong Lee presented a paper with the topic of “Static Probability based Point Cloud Matching for Positioning in Dynamic Environments". Researchers from ACE Lab presents excellent paper each year, showing the advanced technology and research of Hanyang University ACE Lab.

Researcher Sumyeong Lee making his presentation

Researchers from ACE Lab, in front of the KSAE conference venue

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