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ACE Lab participates the 8th Aachen Colloquium China

The 8th Aachen Colloquium China Automobile Technology was hosted in Beijing, China on November 14th to 16th. Automotive companies related to electric cars, engine and self-driving attends the colloquium, especially the German companies like Audi, BMW and FEV.

Aachen Colloquium is the place to find the most up-to-date automotive technologies. Presentations and exhibitions on electric vehicle, connected vehicle, engine technologies and self-driving technologies. Doctor Min Kyung-han, researcher Yeon Gyu-hwan and Sim Gyu-bin from the ACE Lab participated the colloquium this year.

Researcher Yeon Gyu-hwan presented with the topic of Driver Characteristics based Deceleration Model for Smart Regenerative Braking System on November 15th.

The researchers were able to observe the trend of automotive companies related to automation, connected and self-driving. The fact that many companies are expanding their business to China was noticeable. The researchers could also watch and learn how other universities are researching on the field, and widen their perspective and knowledge from it.

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