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ACE Lab participates 2018 KSAE

KSAE 2018 Annual Autumn Conference was held on November 14th to 17th in High-one Resort Gangwon-land convention center. The conference is annually hosted by KSAE, which is the leading society on Korean automotive engineering. It is also where well known people in the field and talented people gather. As the biggest automotive engineering conference in Korea, papers from all around the automotive engineering field are presented along with special lectures, workshops and exhibitions. Researcher Kim Kyung-pyo, Kim hak-su, and Baek Seung-eon from ACE Lab shared their research on future intelligent automobiles and eco-friendly vehicles for the past year.

Researcher Kim Kyung-pyo presented about “Dynamic Object Classification based on LiDAR Point Cloud Augmented by Layer-based Accumulation”, a research to solve the issue of object identification function degradation due to the lack of LiDAR points. Kim improved object identification performance through deep learning and point clound accumulation. Moreover, researcher Kim Hak-su and Baek Seung-un did a poster presentation on “Development process of Turbo CNG Engine control algorithm through Model Based Design” and shared their research too. Researchers from the ACE Lab boasts our advanced technology every year by presenting quality papers.

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