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ACE Lab Participated U+ C-ITS Vehicle Exhibition

U+ C-ITS (Cooperative-Intelligent Transport Systems) demonstration took place in LG Science Park in Magok, Seoul on October 10th. LG U+ hosted an open demonstration of C-ITS technology on regular road based on 5G-V2X as well as a press conference.

ACE Lab participated the event to exhibit the autonomous driving vehicle, A1. The vehicle is the world first 5G self-driving car, which was demonstrated on March 11th. Researcher Lee Seongjin and Yang Jinsoo were in charge of the vehicle explanation. It was an opportunity to present and explain in detail, the leading technology of ACE Lab and the self-driving vehicle in front of a big audience.

5G autonomous driving vehicle A1 in the exhibition

Presentation panel for the autonomous driving vehicle A1

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