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ACE Lab Participated the 30th IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium

The 30th IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium was held in Paris, France from 12th to 9th, June. Many universities leading the automotive industry as well as global car making companies join this annual event. the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium is an opportunity to first-handedly experience cutting edge technologies on intelligent vehicles, and a place where hundreds of research articles are presented. ACE Lab participates on the event every year to present its own research achievements. Researchers Jaewook Shin and Sunbin Kim participated this year’s symposium. Researcher Jaewook Shin submitted and did a poster presentation on 'Ego-Vehicle Speed Prediction Using Fuzzy Markov Chain with Speed Constraints', which contains his research result implementing fuzzy encoding technology to enhance the guessing performance of the Markov model, and building data-based speed limitation model.

Researcher Jaewook Shin in front of his poster presentation

Researcher Sunbin Kim at the symposium venue

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