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ACE Lab participated in International Green Car Korea Exhibition

2019 International Green Car Korea Exhibition was held at Kim-Dae jung Convention Center in Kwangju, Korea from 20th to 22nd of June. Car particles, and futuristic technologies on eco-friendly vehicles such as self driving technology and connected car technology were displayed in 252 booths from 151 companies. ACE Lab and LG U+ participated the exhibition to share our technology. We exhibited ACE Lab’s A1 which is the world first 5G self driving car, first revealed to the world on May 11th. Researcher Minchul Lee and Eunsan Cho participated the exhibition to explain about the booth. A lot of people experienced and learned about the self driving technology through ACE Lab’s booth.

5G self driving car A1 at the Green Car Korea Exhibition booth

A crowd showing interest to A1

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