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ACE Lab Implements Work-at-home due to the Corona Virus

More than 2400 people have been diagnosed with the new Corona Virus (Corona 19) as of February 28th in South Korea. ACE Lab had been putting hand sanitizers in its office, checking the researchers’ temperature

s twice a day and requiring them to wear masks but decided to implement work-at-home system from the 26th of February.

The researchers are sharing pictures of them working at home to meet the purpose of the new system, adding on to their effort to stay in the house to prevent catching the virus. Despite the Corona Virus epidemic, the researchers are still working their best, communicating through online measures.

Should you have any questions for the laboratory, please use one of the following contacts;

ACE Lab Tel: +82-2-2220-0453 / ACE Lab Research Leader:

Guidelines on Corona Virus Prevention

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