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ACE Lab Demonstrates Driver Characteristic-Based Smart Regeneration Control Technology

A meeting was held on 29th March at Hanyang University’s Chung Mong-Koo Automotive Research Center to discuss the progress of the ‘IDM Project’, an assignment to develop smart regeneration control technology based on driver characteristics. Doctor Kyunghan Min of Hanyang University, researchers Kyubin Sim, Sungju Ahn and a few Hyundai Motors researchers participated in the meeting.

Doctor Min explained to Hyundai Motors researchers the technological basics of smart regeneration control. Afterwards, a demonstration of the technology was done in Sageun-dong.

Smart regeneration control is a mechanism that allows a vehicle to decelerate or stop without the driver having to step on the brake pedal in car-following situations or at traffic lights.

The driver performing the demonstration only drove using the accelerator, successfully overcoming car-following situations and necessary stops at traffic lights with the smart regeneration control technology.

Researchers’ final tests before the demonstration

Smart regeneration control technology being demonstrated

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