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ACE Lab attends ICVES 2018

IEEE ICVES(International Conference on Vehicular Electronics and Safety) was hosted in Universidad Carlos III de Madrid(UC3M), located in Madrid, Spain on September 12th to 14th. The annual conference focuses on vehicular electronics and safety on intelligent cars. The conference was held for three consecutive days with sessions and workshops. Three researchers, Won-taek Lim, Min-chul Lee and Seok-won Kim attended from ACE Lab.

Multiple research facilities and corporates presented on topics such as ‘sensing and perception’, ‘communication systems’, and ‘active and passive safety systems’, which are currently researched intensively in the intelligent automobile field.

Researcher Seok-won Kim presented his paper on ‘Temporal Local Route Modeling using the Recognized Lane for Autonomous Driving Comfort’ in the Conference on September 13th. The paper includes Kim’s research and recommendation on recognizing the shape of the surrounding lanes through filtering.

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