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ACE Lab at 2019 SAE World Congress Experience

The 2019 World Congress Experience was held in Detroit, USA, from 9th to 11th April. Being an annual event, the SAE WCX is the world’s biggest automotive-related symposium where the world’s leading automobile firms participate in great number. Hundreds of research papers related to automobiles are presented at the SAE World Congress Experience, from which cutting-edge technology of automotive engineering can be confirmed.

The ACE Lab participates in the symposium every year to present their research outcomes. This year, researchers Sungjin Cho and Donghyuk Jeong took part. Researcher Cho presented a research paper with the title, “A GPU Accelerated Particle Filter Based Localization for Autonomous Vehicles”, on 10th April. This paper holds the research results of a GPU-based parallel-processed structure to overcome the limits of computing speeds from precise position determination using precision maps

Researcher Sungjin Cho, presenting the research paper

Researchers Sungjin Cho and Donghyuk Jeong at the SAE WCX19

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