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ACE Lab and LG U+ Demonstrates World’s First 5G Self-Driving Car

About 150 reporters, researchers of ACE Lab and LG U+ attended the world’s first 5G self-driving car demonstration on March 11th, in the main conference room, HIT, Hanyang University. Professor Myoung-ho Sunwoo presented on “5G Self-driving” and LG U+ future technology manager Kang Jong-oh also did a presentation on “5G technology of LG U+” followed by live streaming of the A1 demonstration.

In the demonstration, A1 drived itself for 25 minutes, for approximately 8km from Han River Metropolitan Office to Gangbyeonbuk-ro, Yeongdong Bridge, Olympic-daero, Sungsu Bridge and to the Seoul Forest parking lot. During the demonstration A1 kept distance from the vehicle in front and was able to change lanes according to the traffic condition. The artificial intelligence enabled A1 to recognize traffic lights and road signs and drive according to the traffic laws.

All of the driving filmed from the inside of the vehicle, the control center and footage sent through the 5G connection was all live streamed in the main conference room on the 6th floor. Press showed huge interest on the success, where there was no human interference during the entire driving on Seoul’s very busy roads. Also, the A1 received mock signal of traffic accident at the northern part of Sungsu Bridge via 5G connection of LG U+ and changed the driving route real time.

Professor Myoung-ho Sunwoo mentioned that ‘it is safer and more efficient to utilize the 5G connection for self-driving cars to receive real time information about the information’ and that ‘5G self-driving car is a collection of the fourth revolution technologies’ while showing excitement for further research.

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Professor Myoung-ho Sunwoo presenting on 5G self-driving at the world’s first demonstration

Press at the demonstration

Live stream footage of the vehicle (Photo courtesy of I NEWS)

Professor Myoung-ho Sunwoo interviewing with a broadcasting company

Professor Myoung-ho Sunwoo and ACE Lab researchers in front of A1, the 5G self-driving car

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