2020 ACE Lab Workshop

2020년 2월 18일 업데이트됨

On Friday February 7th, many researchers from ACE Lab gathered at the Chung Mong-Koo Automotive Research Center for the ACE Lab Workshop. Jung Donghyuk, the research leader started the workshop by presenting the 2020 ACE Lab roadmap, followed by a seminar by Dr.Jung Donghyuk, a graduate now working for Hyundai Motors on the technology trend of electric cars. Then, another graduate from the same company Dr. Kim Junsoo led a seminar on the technology trend of automotive vehicles. Professor Sunwoo Myoungho and the researchers shared their ideas of the new trend and discussed their opinions through the 202 ACE Lab Workshop.

Researcher Jung Donghyuk presenting ACE Lab roadmap

Dr. Youn Jeamyoung in his seminar on the technology trend of electric cars

Dr.Kim Junsoo in his seminar on the trends in autonomous driving vehicles

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