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2019 Summer Field Trip to Samsung Electronics Automotive Components Team

Professor Myoungho Sunwoo and ACE Lab researchers went on a field trip to the Samsung Electronics Automotive Components team in Suwon Samsung Digital City on July 23rd, 2019. The trip aims to expand the researchers’ perspective on the automotive industry which is changing following the fourth industrial revolution.

The professor and researchers started their trip at the Samsung Innovation Museum, where the progress and innovation Korea’s electronic device and Samsung’s trail inside is exhibited. The group also visited Experience Studio where whey had a hands-on experience of Samsung’s home IoT (Internet of Things) technology, as well as Creative Lab, the company’s venture Business program.

After the visit, there was a gathering with the Automotive Components team to share their and ACE Lab’s vision on the autonomous driving industry as the fourth industrial revolution is ongoing. Lastly, the lab members test-drove Digital Cockpit vehicle co-developed by the Automotive Components team of Samsung and Harman. The vehicle was also exhibited in CES2019.

The trip was a great opportunity for the lab members to witness and experience how Samsung Electronics is leading Korea’s fourth industrial revolution, and to perceive how the team is going to also lead the autonomous driving industry in the future.

Professor Myoungho Sunwoo and ACE Lab researchers at the Samsung Innovation Museum

ACE Lab researchers experiencing Samsung Electronics’ home IoT technology

Professor Myoungho Sunwoo and ACE Lab members learning about Samsung Electronics’ in-office venture business outcomes

Professor Myoungho Sunwoo and ACE Lab researchers listening to the explanation on the Digital Cockpit demo vehicle

Samsung Electronics Vice President and the leader of the Automotive Components team Park Jong-hwan and Professor Myoungho Sunwoo with ACE Lab researchers

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