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2019 ACE Lab Workshop

On February 18th, 2019 ACE Lab Workshop was held in room 504 of Chung Mong-Koo Automotive Research Center to officially begin the year 2019. ACE Lab Workshop is an important time where past research performances are reviewed, and future plans are discussed. Chief researcher Lee Min-chul started the workshop by going over the overall environment and the research performance from 2018, and proposing goals for 2019. Next, Shin Jae-wook, the leader of Green car Research Rroup (GRG) and Lim Won-taek, the leader of the Smart car Research Group (SRG) presented research topics and possible outcomes of each group.

2019 Workshop Agendas

Lee Min- chul proposing the path of the lab for 2019

Shin Jae-wook proposing the research path of GRG for 2019

Lim Won-taek proposing the research path of SRG for 2019

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