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2019 ACE Lab Internship Program Final Presentation

2019 ACE Lab Internship Program Final Presentation

The final presentation for the 2019 ACE Lab summer internship took place at August 14th. Professor Myoungho Sunwoo, the academic advisor of the lab and the lab members attended the presentation, where the intern researchers finally got to present their research result during the summer. The researchers and the professor gave useful advices to the interns. The final presentation was based on the group studies and academic presentations, which they share the result of individual projects related to the Embedded Control System. All interns strived to share the end result based on their previous studies, and they could improve their academic knowledge in the field.

The ACE Lab internship program recruits undergraduate students majoring mechanical engineering, electric and computer science and so forth related to the automotive field to acquire field knowledge on Embedded Control System and basic electronic control structure design. The internship program is an opportunity to challenge themselves and experience new things, outside of the competition in the job market and in school. Reviews on the internship experience is shared in the following news article.

Presentation of Lee Daon, intern researcher

Presentation of Choi Hohyon, intern researcher

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