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2019 ACE Lab International Intern Willi Heumer’s Final Presentation

Willi Heumer, the international intern from Austria of ACE Lab had his final presentation on August 29th. Willi Heumer spent the summer in ACE Lab after receiving his master’s degree in one of the most prestigious university in the world, University of Vienna. Heumer presented on “Estimation of worst case computing time of algorithms using unit operator modeling for TC 297” as the result of his two months’ internship, inf ront of the ACE Lab researchers and the academic advisor professor Sunwoo Myungho. Heumer shared his project result which he achieved after studying and debating with the ACE Lab researchers. A warm applause was given after the presentation to compliment Heumer, who strived in his project despite being far away from home. Professor Sunwoo Myungho and the lab members had to say goodbye to Heumer going back to Austria soon.

Heumer and professor Sunwoo Myungho exchanged gifts with gratitude and Heumer returned to Austria. We send another around of warm applaud to thank Willi Heumer for working and researching hard during the hot and humid two months in Korea.

Final presentation of Willi Heumer

Willi Heumer giving his final presentation

Professor Sunwoo Myungho and Willi Heumer exchanging gifts

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