2018 ACE Lab Internship Essay – Kim Gang-yong, Park Jae-hyun, Ahn Sung-ju

Kim Gang-yong (Chung-ang University, Mechanical Engineering)

“Hi! I’m intern of ACE Lab.” This was the first sentence I always said on my presentations in the ACE Lab. I am proud and feel nostalgic at the same time when I think that I now need to say “Hi! I was an intern on ACE Lab”. It was such an opportunity to experience many things to be part of the ACE Lab Internship Program.

We did a group study on control theories and the Embedded system for the first four weeks and presented the material. I can still vividly remember the first presentation. I was touched by how my senior researchers gave detailed comments and advised on my presentation with so much attention as if it is their own. Furthermore, I was able to study in depth through the group study. For example, with the concept ‘Model’ we were able to explore what exactly the model is, why we need to know about the model and how can we use it.

Then we did our project based on the group study materials. My projects was to actualize a Pole Detection algorithm used in Localization of automotive vehicles, under supervision of researcher Cho Sung-jin. I had to know how to use C++ for the project, but I had no prior knowledge. So I had to study about the C++ while executing the project. I learned C++ through reading books and watching online courses on Youtube, and Cho Sung-jin helped me a lot to clearly understand the materials I studied and to think like a programmer. With all of the knowledge, I was able to achieve my goals and finish the project.

Looking back the past two months, I feel like it has been the most educational two months of my life. It was difficult, but I learned so much. I would like to specially thank my senior researchers for answering my constant questions with a smile and offering help all the time. I would also like to thank Professor Myoung-ho Sunwoo for giving me the opportunity to learn.

Park Jae-hyun (Hanyang University, Department of Automotive Engineering)

Time has fled from 2018 July 2nd when I wrote how I would like the internship program to be meaningful to me, and the eight weeks have already passed with the final presentation. Looking back of the eight weeks, the program has been very meaningful for my future career plans and studies. Before I start my essay, I would like to thank Professor Myoung-ho Sunwoo and the researchers for giving me such an opportunity.

My internship program started with studying basic theories on Embedded and Control technology and presenting on the topics. We studied on designated topics through various means and prepared for the presentation, thinking that we would teach people with no prior knowledge in the field. It was surprising that the subjects felt like as if it was entirely new when we already took classes during our undergraduate course. We had to repeat the materials in the book and form the structure of units in order to explain the two subjects to the audience. We could not study it the way we did to prepare exams for school. As a result, I realized I was missing a lot of things and doing a lot of things wrong, and that I need to change the way I study. It was a shame to realize this after four years of university, but I was glad that I know now. Furthermore, the comments from the researchers were so meaningful in a way that I learned the importance of a structure in a presentation. I found out that even I studied and understood the material thoroughly, the audience could misunderstand or get confused through inefficient delivery.