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2018 ACE Lab Foreign Internship Student Final Presentation and Report (Chia-Yuen Chou)

Chia-Yuen Chou entered as the 2018 foreign internship student and finished her program with a final presentation on Aug. 30th. She came to Korea after finishing her master’s on automation engineering and in the world renowned RWTH Aachen University and finding an interest, applied to ACE Lab. She had carried out the project on the “Behavior Prediction of Surrounding Vehicle at an Intersection”.

Below is the report about her internship experience that she sent us.

If you get the chance to go to South Korea then don’t hesitate, just go! You will love this country. Seriously.

Before I went to South Korea I had no feeling for this land. My goal was simply to experience the way of work and culture in East Asia. With IAESTE Germany I got a chance to go to South Korea and work at ACELAB in Hanyang University. In the beginning I got the impression that Korean people are very cold. Well, fortunately, things turned out to be different. My project objective was to predict the behavior of surrounding vehicles. This topic was very challenging but also very interesting as well. Work was not easy and trying to combine it with travel makes life in South Korea even harder and more exhausting. Although life was not easy as a foreigner, I had an amazing time during this internship! The language barrier (I went there without knowing a word Korean) and the great difference between German and Korean culture were very challenging for me, but most Korean people I met were very kind and had a helpful attitude towards foreigners. Also all members of ACELAB including the Korean intern were very kind, gave me a lot of advices and just tried to make my stay in Korea as pleasant as possible. During my stay in Korea I just learned so much whether it was about the project or Korean culture. It was just an incredible experience! I am really glad that I took on this adventure.

Thank you so much South Korea and especially ACELAB for making my experience in your country so wonderful and I hope to see you all again someday in the near future!

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