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PhD Student

Minchul Lee

Smart-car Research Group


Hanyang University
2013 - 
M.S., Department of Automotive Engineering

Hanyang University
2009 - 2012
B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Career & Award

First place in the 2014 Autonomous Vehicle Competition
October 2014

First place in the 2013 Autonomous Vehicle Competition
October 2013

Research interests

[Vehicle localization for autonomous driving]
- GPS&DR fusion based 3D localization system
- Geodetic coordinate conversion method
- Roadway geometry map matching based localization system
- Online vehicle motion sensor calibration based Bayesian filtering

[Driving environment perception]*
- Surrounding vehicle tracking
- Vehicle intention assessment
- Roadway geometry model based risk assessment for occluded vehicle

Personal interests

Graphic design, Bike riding, Basketball


[Main Author]
. 2014/11/21 / Conference / Fast GPS-DR fusion framework. : removing geodetic conversion process

. 2016/mm/dd / Journal(IEEE T-ITS) / Tracking and Behavior Reasoning of Moving Vehicles Based on Roadway Geometry Constraints
. 2015/09/16 / Journal(IEEE T-ITS) / Fast GPS-DR Sensor Fusion Framework: Removing the Geodetic Coordinate Conversion Process
. 2015/08/25 / Journal(IEEE T-ITS) / Road Slope Aided Vehicle Position Estimation System Based on Sensor Fusion of GPS and Automotive Onboard Sensors / 
. 2015/01/16 / Journal(IEEE T-ITS) / Curvilinear-Coordinate-Based Object and Situation Assessment for Highly Automated Vehicles

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