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Kyunghan Min

Hyundai Motor


Doctor of Philosophy in Automotive Engineering
- Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea
- Mar. 2011 – Aug. 2017
- Advisor: Prof. Myoungho Sunwoo
- Dissertation: Learning control with optimal control strategy of air system in a CRDI diesel engines for optimal performance about NOx emission during transient condition

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
- Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea 
- Mar. 2003 – Feb. 2010

Career & Award

Research Project
Diesel engine control algorithm and ECU design for passenger-car 
- Main sponsor: Industrial Strategy Technology Development Program of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
- Air-path(EGR/VGT) modeling and control algorithm 
- Aftertreatement system and combustion control algorithm
- AUTOSAR compatible SW platform (Target process: MPC5554)
- Model-based application SW design process (Modeling language: Simulink)
- On-line learning control algorithm to improvement transient control performance

Optimization of control indicator based on engine and emission models 
- Main sponsor: Hyundai Motor Company
- Development of semi-physical NOx emission model
- Set-point adaptation based on optimal intake oxygen concentration
- Model based feedforward control algorithm for nonlinear MIMO system

Combustion control of diesel engine based on cylinder pressure measurement 
- Main sponsor: Hyundai Motor Company
- Development of cylinder pressure analysis system
- Design of feedback control algorithm using combustion indicator
- Embedded implementation of estimation algorithm about combustion indicator

Connected powertrain control 
- Main sponsor: Hyundai Motor Company
- Estimation of driving state using ITS information
- Development of intelligent driver model to estimate driving characteristics
- Optimal regeneration control of electric vehicle based on connected information

Digital logic design 
- Date: Fall semester of 2016
- Course organization: Department of Automotive Engineering at Hanyang University
- Design of logic circuit for various applications
- Lecture for Logical algorithm design, Boolean algebra and electric device characteristics

Automotive embedded system 
- Date: Fall semester of 2017
- Course organization: Department of Automotive Engineering at Hanyang University
- Learning about fundamental theorem of embedded system
- Understanding of model-based controller design
- Implementation of designed control system

Research interests

Powertrain control algorithm design 
- Diesel engine air-path control
- Combustion control and modeling
- Set-point adaptation for optimal engine performance

Connected powertrain control 
- Optimal powertrain control for EV/HEV
- Vehicle state prediction based on ITS information

Intelligent driver model 
- On-line driver clustering
- Explicit model using driver characteristic parameters
- Estimation of driving state depending on driver characteristics

Physical model based control algorithm
- Air-path modeling
- Cylinder pressure based engine management

Stochastic state estimation
- Oxygen concentration estimation based on extended Kalman filter

Reinforcement learning algorithm
- Optimal regeneration control algorithm for electric vehicle

On-line learning algorithm 
- Learning control algorithm for diesel engine air system

On-line clustering algorithm
- Clustering of driver characteristics
- Clustering of driving states

Personal interests

Sport: Soccer, Weight-training, Swimming, Cycling, Badminton
On-line games


International Journal
1. Set-point Adaptation Strategy of Air Systems of Light-duty Diesel Engines for NOx Emission Reduction Under Acceleration Conditions
- Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, Accepted paper
- Kyunghan Min, Haksu Kim, Manbae Han, Myoungho Sunwoo

2. Iterative Learning Control Algorithm for Feedforward Controller of EGR and VGT Systems in
a CRDI Diesel Engine
- International Journal of Automotive Technology, Accepted paper
- Kyunghan Min, Myoungho Sunwoo, Manbae Han

3. Estimation of Intake Oxygen Concentration Using a Dynamic Correction State With Extended Kalman Filter for Light-Duty Diesel Engines
- Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control, January 2018
- Kyunghan Min, Jaewook Shin, Donghyuk Jung, Manbae Han, Myoungho Sunwoo

4. Torque Balance Control for Light-duty Diesel Engines Using an Individual Cylinder IMEP Estimation Model with a Single Cylinder Pressure Sensor 
- Applied Thermal Enginnering, October 2016
- Kyunghan Min, Jaesung Chung, Myoungho Sunwoo

5. Fault Management System of LP-EGR Using In-Cylinder Pressure Information in Light-Duty Diesel Engines 
- Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, April 2018
- Seungsuk Oh, Kyunghan Min, Yungjin Lee, Kihyung Lee, Myoungho Sunwoo

6. Influence of MFB50 control on emission dispersions according to engine parameter changes for passenger diesel engines 
- Applied Thermal Enginnering, May 2016
- Seungsuk Oh, Kyunghan Min, Yungjin Lee, Kihyung Lee, Myoungho Sunwoo

7. In-cylinder pressure based real-time combustion control for reduction of combustion dispersions in light-duty diesel engines 
- Applied Thermal Enginnering, March 2016
- Jaesung Chung, Kyunghan Min, Seungsuk Oh, Myoungho Sunwoo

8. Real-time empirical NOx model based on in-cylinder pressure measurements for light-duty diesel engines 
- International Journal of Automotive Technology, August 2016
- Jaesung Chung, Kyunghan Min, Myoungho Sunwoo

9. Real-time start of a combustion detection algorithm using initial heat release for direct injection diesel engines 
- Applied Thermal Enginnering, June 2016
- Seungsuk Oh, Kyunghan Min, Myoungho Sunwoo

10. Model-based Feedforward Control of the VGT in a Diesel Engine Based on Empirical Models of Compressor and Turbine Efficiencies 
- AInternational Journal of Automotive Technology, August 2015
- Yeongseop Park, Inseok Park, Kyunghan Min, Myoungho Sunwoo 

11. Control of the air system of a diesel engine using the intake oxygen concentration and the manifold absolute pressure with nitrogen oxide feedback 
- Proceedings of the IMechE, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering, February 2016
- Yeongseop Park, Kyunghan Min, Jaesung Chung, Myoungho Sunwoo

12. Nonlinear Compensators of EGR and VGT Systems using Air Path Models for a CRDI Diesel Engine 
- Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, April 2014
- Yeongseop Park, Inseok Park, Joowon Lee, Kyunghan Min, and Myoungho Sunwoo

13. Real-time combustion parameter estimation algorithm for light-duty diesel engines using in-cylinder pressure measurement 
- Applied Thermal Enginnering, October 2013
- Jaesung Chung, Seungsuk Oh, Kyunghan Min, Myoungho Sunwoo

International Conference
1. Individual Cylinder IMEP Estimation using a Single Cylinder Pressure Sensor for Light-duty Diesel Engines
- SAE 2014 World Congress, USA, April 2014
- Kyunghan Min, Jaesung Chung, Eunhwan Kang, Myoungho Sunwoo

2. Air System Modeling of Ligh-duty Diesel Engines with Dual-loop EGR and VGT Systems
- 4th IFAC Workshop on Engine and Powertrain Control, Simulation and Modeling E-COSM 2015, USA, August 2015
- Kyunghan Min, Donghyuk Jung, Myoungho Sunwoo

3. Feedforward Controller Design for EGR and VGT Systems based on Cylinder Pressure Information and Air Path Model
- 8th IFAC Symposium on Advances in Automotive Control (AAC 2016), Sweden, June 2016
- Donghyuk Jung, Kyunghan Min, Yeongseop Park, Soonchan Pyo, Myoungho Sunwoo

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