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PostDoctoral Associate, University of Minnesota(Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Career & Award
Research interests

Development of the 2.0L(1.8L) Hyundai Beta Gasoline Engine for passenger vehicles 

Development of the turbocharged offspring version of the 0.8L Hyundai Epsilon Gasoline Engine for passenger vehicles 

Research and development of the engine valvetrain components for all engine platforms offered by Hyundai Motor Company

Personal interests

Understanding network security-related protocols and data transfer reliability using encrypted data packets 

Promotion of amateur basketball league activities in the Greater Seoul area 

Participation in Hyundai Motor Company Driver School for advanced driving techniques and its class 'B' offroad team


Study on the Characteristics of Valve Clearance of Direct Acting-Type Cam Followers (Engineering Journal of Hyundai Motor Company, 1998)

Study on the Characteristics of Cylinder Pressure and its Applications (Master Thesis, Hanyang University, 1997)

Development of an Advanced Driver Aid System for vehicle Durability Tests (Journal of the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers, 1995)

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