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Vitesco Technologies


Hanyang University
February 2002 ~ February 2009
B.S., Department of Mechanical Engineering

Hanyang University
February 2009 ~ February 2011
M.S., Department of Mechanical system & Automotive Engineering

Career & Award

Creativity Work Prize in 2008 CAPSTONE DESIGN FAIR from Hanyang University (undergraduate school)
November 2008

Research interests

Engine modeling and control 
Cylinder pressure based engine combustion control 

Personal interests

Playing the electric guitar 
Listining to music



Jongsuk Lim, Seungsuk Oh, Jaesung Chung, Myoungho Sunwoo, "Real-Time Combustion Phase Detection Using Central Normalized Difference Pressure in CRDI Diesel Engines," Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, vol. 134, p. 082801, 2012


김도완, 김승범, 이승환, 임종석, 직접분사식 가솔린엔진에서 Cooled HP-EGR 시스템 적용에 따른 북미 시험모드 별 차량 연비개선 포텐셜에 관한 연구, KSAE 2012 부문종합학술대회, May.31-June.2, 2012

Jongsuk Lim, Seungsuk Oh, Jaesung Chung, Kangyoon Lee, Myoungho Sunwoo, Development of a Combustion Phase Indicator for Real-time Combustion Control in CRDI Diesel Engines, KSAE 2010 Annual Conference, November, 24-27, 2010

오승석, 임종석, 정재성, 이강윤, 선우명호, 한경찬, 유준, 박승일, 디젤엔진의 실시간 연소제어를 위한 연소위상검출 알고리즘 개발, KSAE 2010 Annual Conference, November, 24-27, 2010 


풍향풍속계 10-2010-0045071 출원

엔진의 연소위상 검출방법 10-2010-0094888 출원

엔진의 연소위상 검출방법 10-2010-0094890 출원

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