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Hanyang University
2010 - 2015 
Ph.D candidate, Department of Automotive Engineering

Hanyang University
1999 - 2001 
M.S. , Department of Electrical Engineering

Hanyang University
1992 - 1999 
B.S. , Department of Electrical Engineering

Career & Award

Hyundai MOBIS 
2008 - 2010, Lead engineer
Participated in parking assist system design

Hyundai AUTONET 
2001 - 2008, Software engineer 
Participated in occupant classification system and airbag ECU design

Research interests

Electric energy management, 
system modeling, 
real-time system design, 
in-vehicle network application,
sensor design and application

Personal interests



International Journals
Alternator Torque Model Based on Equivalent Circuit of Synchronous Generator for Electric Power Management 
Jeongwon Sohn, Seungwoo Hong, and Myoungho Sunwoo
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Vol.62. pp.3593-3602, Oct 2013
VGT and EGR control of common-rail diesel engines using an artificial neural network 
Byounggul Oh, Minkwang Lee, Yeongseop Park, Jeongwon Sohn, Jongseob Won, and Myoungho Sunwoo
Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, Vol.135, pp.012801-1 - 012801-9, Jan 2013

International Conferences
Development of a Power Distribution Algorithm for Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle 

Junghwan Ryu, Yeongseop Park, Jeongwon Sohn, Kangyoon Lee, and Myoungho Sunwoo
EVS25, Shenzhen, China, Sep 2010

Domestic Journals
A Study of the ZCP Estimation Methods considering Discretization Error and High Speed BLDC Sensorless Drive 
Eunjeong Seo, Jeongwon Sohn, Myoungho Sunwoo, and Wootaik Lee
Transaction of the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers, Vol.22. pp.95-102, Jan 2014
Nonlinear Static Model-based Feedforward Control Algorithm for the EGR and VGT Systems of Passenger Car Diesel Engines 
Inseok Park, Youngseop Park, Seungwoo Hong, Jaesung Chung, Jeongwon Sohn, and Myoungho Sunwoo
Transaction of the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers, Vol.21. pp.135-146, Nov 2013

Domestic Conferences
Optimal Set-points Generation of MFB50 for Combustion Control in Diesel Engines 
Kang Eunhwan, Sohn Jeongwon, Chung Jaesung, and Sunwoo Myoungho 
KSAE 2013 Annual Conference and Exhibition, KINTEX, Goyang, Korea, Nov 2013
Design of an Alternator Torque Model with an Equivalent Circuit of the Synchronous Generator 
Jeongwon Sohn, Seungwoo Hong, Hyunjun Lee, Juwon Lee, Minkwang Lee, and Myoungho Sunwoo
KSAE Conference 2012
Energy management strategy for the vehicle electric power system based on model predictive control 
Seungwoo Hong, Inseok Park, Jeongwon Sohn, Yeongseop Park, Kangyoon Lee, and Myoungho Sunwoo
KSAE 2010 Annual Conference and Exhibition, Daegu, Korea, Sep 2010

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