Research Projects

Connected powertrain control 
Optimal powertrain control using ITS information.
Traffic jam assistance system on highway driving 
Research on a Traffic Jam Pilot function with autonomous capabilities using low-cost automotive components operating in France and Korea
Flash lidar based object detection and tracking algorithm 
To implement object detection and tracking algorithm based on flash lidar on embedded system
Auto Parking System 
AVM based parking slot detection by using vision system
Parking trajectory generation for auto parking
Information fusion based autonomous vehicle 
Research on core technologies of autonomous driving based on information convergence
Powertrain Optimization STrategy (POST) 
Powertrain control algorithm based on forward traffic information
Prediction and control of EGR rate using cylinder pressure sensor (GEGR) 
Prediction and control of in-cylinder EGR rate using in-cylinder pressure sensor
Diesel Engine Optimization Strategy (DMOS) 
Design of EGR and VGT system control algorithm based on exhaust model for air system optimization of diesel engine
HW/SW platform design (K-Plat) 
Research on a HW/SW platform for an autonomous driving including localization, path planning and vehicle control
Autonomous Vehicle (A1) 
Development of an Intelligent Vehicle whose Systems are Composed of the State-of-the-Art Technologies in Perception, Planning, and Control
Automotive SW & In-Vehicle Network (SW & IVN) 
Development of Optimal Distributed System for Information Fusion and Control
Improvement of Reusability, Reliability, Scalability of Automotive Embedded Software
Information Fusion for Smart Car (IF) 
Information Fusion of Various Intelligent Sensors for Safety and Comfort of Smart Car
Perception System for Smart Car (PS) 
Driving Environment Perception for Smart Car using Various Smart Sensors, including Cameras, Radars, Laser Scanner, and GPS
Path Planning and Motion Control (PP & MC) 
Provision of an Optimal Path Interacting Environmental Conditions
Longitudinal and Lateral Vehicle Motion Control for Autonomous Driving
Next Generation Engine Management System (Next EMS)  
Development of Engine Control algorithm and EMS HW/SW platform for Post EURO 6
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